Digital Marketing Performance Dashboards

We created these reports to make it easier for you to find some of the key performance metrics for your website and for your marketing campaigns. You may find some of these reports suitable for sharing with your business colleagues. We’ve designed each page to be as straightforward and clean as possible, making it an easy fit for any slideshow presentations.

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Google Analytics:

Pages in this section will chart how much traffic your website got in the last 30 days and where those visitors came from. And if you’re running campaigns, we’ll try to show you which ones, such as from Google Ads or Facebook, that are driving that traffic.

If you have conversion analytics, it may also tell you how many value interactions took place. And in the case of eCommerce websites, we’ll also chart revenue.

Google Ads:

In the Google Ads section, we chart how many clicks you are winning from your Ads, the average cost of those clicks, and what kind of results are driven from just the Google Ads campaigns in isolation.

Where data is available, we’ll also try to demonstrate how your campaigns are competing directly against your competitors, how much market you are winning against them, and how much you might be able to grow your online presence with paid digital advertising.

Other Reports:

Further reporting sections may include SEO performance data from Google Search Console, or dedicated charts for Social Media or other campaign sources.

Your weekly report will be emailed to you as a PDF document every Monday morning, so there’s no need to dive deep into your Google Analytics to find some of those elusive metrics.

You can also use this report more interactively by clicking on the link at the top of the email. The link will take you to the live dashboard hosted with Google’s Looker Studio where you can see the latest charts, and in some cases you can see data as fresh as the last 15 minutes.

On the live reporting, you can also change the date range for any chart, or for the whole report, to enable you to see data from any date range that has data. Some charts may also include timeline comparisons or drill-downs to deeper insights.

If there are any specific reports that you’d like to see that are not included in the current setup, please let us know.

What we do:

We’re able to tap in to the complete Google Analytics dataset and draw out many differnt kinds of observations, correlations, and data blends.

A key point of difference at RankPower is that we are able to un-cover data that allows you to better understand your market share, how popular your brand is and whether it’s growing as you expected. We can also show you what the total market size is, and use the data from your charts to develop a tactical strategy to win more of the market.

If there are any reports you’d like more info about, or would like to see something specific in your regular weekly email, please let us know. We’re here to help.