Campaign Delivery


We’re agile and respond quickly to ensure that key improvement opportunities to grow your business are seized as they arise

Measurability & Goals

Our clients want to know how they will be able to measure the success of the campaigns we build. To ensure this is possible, excellent measurement systems need to be in place.

We deliver advanced measurement capabilities by combining Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager, going above and beyond where most agencies fail to implement.

Initial Setup & Delivery

For any agency handover process, we manage transition details quickly and effectively with any parties, internal or external to your business, including coordinating with your incumbant agency to ensure that you’re not overburdened by the technical.

We also mainatin your ownership over digital assets, accounts and platforms – because this is critically important for business continuity, should you want to move on after us – another core value that defines us from our competitors.

Performance Optimisation

RankPower is a hands-on agency, and our primary concern is that campaigns remain optimally capable of delivering the right outcomes for your business. This means watching bottom-line performance, competitive metrics, growth opportunities and technical system updates.

We’ll actively try to grow your business.

Reporting Systems

Want to avoid wading through Google Analytics data? Most of our clients find Google’s systems to be complex and difficult to enterpret.

We provide a more optimal solution to satisfy data requirements from senior stakeholders:

Our reporting is clear, succinct and updated live via Google Data Studio into visual charts and diagrams. We’ll suggest a set of metrics that you might like to follow based off your campaign types, goals and marketing objectives, but if you’d like to see custom report types, we can also build those to most specifications.

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