Conversion Attribution


Which Campaigns are Winners?

It’s actually not simple because user journeys are not linear.

We help you figure out how your campaigns are contributing to your bottom line and how about much you can scale up through more effective marketing initiatives.

Superficial metrics like Sessions, Pageviews and Bounce belong in top-of-funnel conversion measurement. They don’t reveal enough about how the business can expand while at the same time making best use of marketing budget.

RankPower goes far beyond the superficial numbers to dig deep into data.

We hunt opportunities for growth.

How we determine what’s working:

By helping you build closed-loop attribution systems we can ensure measurement through sales processes can be matched against lead sources.

They often involve integration between platforms, automations to feed CRM data back to Analytics, or manual processes to upload conversions.

We also compare attribution models in the buyer journey and reveal which steps and interactions are actually delivering value, so that campaigns that deliver value are accurately identified.

We strongly believe that agencies who have a genune interest in helping their clients grow, should always want to look beyond the simple metrics.

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Find out how your campaigns are contributing to your bottom line and how much you can scale through strategic placement of budget

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