Market Growth Analysis


Many business owners want to understand the following:

  • What is the size of their market?
  • What is the business’ current market share?
  • What will it take to win more market share?
  • Is their Brand presence growing?

We specialise in leveraging existing (or new) digital marketing performance data to reveal the answers or insights into the questions posed above.

But how do we do pull it off?

Google Search (via organic and paid channels) has key metrics available that, if you know how to find them, can reveal what’s happening in the market and how to effectively answer the questions.

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Channels we use to achieve this:


Google Ads, Search, Display, Shopping, Video & App.


Google Analytics GA4 advanced analysis

Looker Studio

Google Looked Studio advanced dashboarding


Google organic search (SEO) data analysis

Correlate Offline Marketing

The greatest challenge with Offline: Print, Radio, Billboard or TV etc. is that you can’t easily connect a “click” with a “conversion” so you don’t know how much sales revenue can be attributed directly to the campaigns.

Using an analysis of inbound searches in Google, we measure and correlate changes in search volume against your offline marketing efforts.

This is an advanced analysis of Brand or Brand + Product / Service awareness that enables a degree of confirmation that your investment is working as you had hoped.

Measure Market Demand

Most business owners want to know what the market size is. This is valuable at any stage in the business’ lifespan.

The data can be used to understand how best to market during startup phase, and how much remaining untapped market there is if the business already well established.

At RankPower we specialise in measuring the market demand using tactical digital campaigns. We then create an achievable plan on how to rapidly win more of that market.

Determine Market Share

How much of the Market Demand are you winning?

We show you what you are winning now via the search channels and whether or not it’s viable to double or even triple your current postion.

You will also get a clear indication of who you are competing against, an idea of what their digital channel investment might be, and how much marketing overlap there is between you and your competitors.

Brand Awareness

How your Brand is growing over time can be an indicator of future success.

Loyalty and Trust measured in Brand performance metrics typically delivers the lowest Cost Per Acquisition and highest Return On Investment from marketing clicks. Brand traffic won through Organic or Paid search will also deliver the most conversions per user and highest conversion rates.

But these won’t exist without first applying Brand Awareness and Brand growth tactics:

We show you what’s working and where the best investment is for growing and protecting your Brand equity.