Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation work is a long term investment in improving the *average market position* in Google searches.

Why you should invest in SEO:

Positive work in SEO can provide a solid base of converting traffic to suppliment investment in paid channels.

At RankPower, we believe SEO is important, but it should not be the only channel you are making an effort on. Ideally, it’s suppliments your other marketing efforts.

SEO rank supports the website’s ability to capture traffic that filters via Search Engines. It forms an integral part of many conversion pathways. In particular, journeys started by other marketing efforts often rely on organic clicks as key touchpoints just before conversion.

* searches by real people in real buying journeys, not some checks done by a tool.

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Brand Rank:

Obtaining rank for your business name or any owned brands is usually the highest priority and the lowest effort to achieve.

Generic Rank:

Earning rank for generic search terms representing your products or services is likely to deliver the greatest long-term benefit. This is achieved by demonstrating Experience, Expertise, Auhtority and Trustworthiness (the key aspects of Google rank) using techniques that align with current search algorithms.

At RankPower, we show you how to become a key player in your own SEO success, with complete transparency and clear work outputs.

Barriers to Success

Barriers are technical SEO features that can prevent Google from placing your content in the positions it might well deserve.

It’s possible to do all the right things in your other SEO efforts and still not get ranked in search due to the site having too many core technical barriers.

This is the best place to start on your SEO journey.

  • Technical SEO

  • Content

  • Information Architecture

  • more

On-Page SEO Strategies

Once the barriers are fully resolved, your site will be in the best position to gain rank from more ‘traditonal’ SEO work. These are the elements that most people might think of when applying SEO strategies, like: titles, headings, meta tags, content, and schema.

It’s important to complete as many of these core optimisations as possible, be prepared to review and amend along the way, and remember always that results are slow to manifest. Expect this to be a long journey for the life of your website.

Off-Page SEO Strategies

Ready to conquer the world? Businesses with a solid off-page SEO strategies often become the market leader in search results. Even minnows can trump giants in this game.

Be prepared to make a regular effort and develop great digital marketing habits.

NB: This usually does not mean paying for links, which we recommend you do not do.

Measurement Systems

Google Search Console

For measurement of what’s happening in the organic Google search results.

Google Analytics 4

For measurement of what your organic traffic does on your website.

What’s the result of all your effort? Keyword rank positions are not the answer: It’s leads and Sales directly from Organic as the first-click referrer through attribution models.

Great measurement systems are needed to prove the value you’ve established with your SEO efforts.