Digital Strategy



Developing a strategy is about aligning business needs with a market reality.

It remains dynamic because market factors are unpredictable.

You are not put in a box.

This is why RankPower has superior skills across multiple disciplines, especially analytics, because the needs of your business are not the same as the needs of the next.

Performance data is used to demonstrate clearly what is or isn’t working, and we are always nimble.

We provide accurate and timely digital marketing advice based off true business goals, like increased bottom-line performance, profitability and yield. Our aim is to avoid vanity metrics in favour of creating a lasting positive impact on your business.

The right balance.

Many businesses struggle to determine which channels will be the best place to invest their marketing budget into.

We help you select the right combination of digital channels that are optimal for reaching your target market, most likely to deliver desired returns, and fit within cost expectations.

The ideal combination usually evolves over time or varies from campaign to campaign, so we remain agile and responsive to a dynamic situation.

We also assist with lead management, helping you improve sales strategies and can help guide you on how to derive sound business data from your CRM.

Our Key Channels:


Google Search Ads

Intercept engaged users with ranked search ads


Google Display Ads

Build brand awareness and remarket to users


Google Organic Search

To ensure a strong future of free traffic referral


Google Shopping Ads

Advertise your inventory with dynamic product ads


Facebook Ads

Targeted ads with Facebook Business Manager


Instagram Ads

Placement powered by Facebook Business


LinkedIn Ads

Target ads based on industry type and job seniority


Google Video Ads

Show your brand on YouTube and Digital TV

Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Search Ads for extra coverage of inbound opportunity