Our Management Fees


We have clients from all walks.

They range from self-employed owner-operators who only need to generate enough work form themselves, through to medium enterprises spending as much as $0.5M per month on Google Ads, or taking a multi-channel aproach with active campaigns across search, social, display and video.

As you could probably imagine, the workload for our agency to support those are vastly different from client to client.

Although we do have a minimum rate, we don’t have a fixed monthly management rate that apples to all clients. It’s based entirely on the expected workload and the approximate hours-per-month commitment of hands-on expertise, consulting or reporting time needed to service each account.

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Typically, the work is divided like this:

  • Hands-on adjustment of existing campaigns, as and when required*.
  • Addition of any new functions offered by the ad platforms, when appropriate.
  • Weekly automated reporting of core performance data via Google Looker Studio.
  • Once-per month 30min debrief and discussion as and when requested.

For clients who have opted in to our Market Growth Analysis service, the following is standard:

  • Hands-on adjustment of existing campaigns, as and when required*.
  • Tactical weekly reviews of performance with written feedback via email, when appropriate.
  • Addition of any new functions offered by the ad platforms, when appropriate.
  • Weekly automated reporting of core performance data via Google Looker Studio.
  • Expansion of Looker Studio reports to reveal new data insights, when needed.
  • Once-per month 2hour debrief and discussion of progress and new opportunities.

*Note that we do not change campaigns “for the sake of it”, e.g. we will only edit keywords in Google Ads campaigns when the evidence justifies it. Testing lower converting keywords when the market saturation of high converting keywords isn’t achieved does not make business sense. Advice you may have about always testing for new keywords conflicts with the sound Conversion strategies that RankPower adheres to.

RankPower typically invoices work in arrears.

You will receive your invoice for monthly management in the month following.


We do not charge any commissions or fees based on your Ad Spend (marketing budget).

Your Ad Spend costs and payment agreement for all advertising costs will be directly with the platform, e.g. Google Pay, META Business or otherwise, not paid to RankPower.

You will own your own payment/billing account and have admin access to it where you can view transaction details and download billing documents.

Our minimum service rate for any single paid advertising platform is NZ $900 + GST.

If you are a Sole Operator or SME with a small marketing budget, that rate might seem a lot compared to your actual ad spend on the platform. We consider this to be our absolute minimum commitment to make sure your campaigns are properly reported, adjusted, and maintained, each month, and it represents about 4-5 hours per month of high-level expertise applied to marketing your business.

We care. And bad marketing bothers us a lot.


Not unless you are subscribed to either our SEO Keyword and Content Plan (Build Phase) or SEO On-Page Implementation services. If you are, then our work will be explained to you and will be made completely obvious. Our SEO work is 100% transparent and there should be 0% mystery as to what your SEO fee is paying for.

Billing for SEO work will appear as dedicated line-items in your invoices from RankPower.


No when:

If scaling up your Ad Spend doesn’t change the workload, we do not scale the management fees.


This may be the case when scaling from say $10k spend per month to $15k spend per month in a stable campaign structure, and within a large relatively stable market. There is no expected increase in management work and the fees will remain the same.

Yes when:

If your Ad spend change has a significant change in support requirement or when tactical changes are needed to maintain CPA, ROAS or other performance KPIs, then scaling will affect the management fee.


You may have an initial monthly marketing spend at $10,000 and have recognized an opportunity to scale up rapidly, subject to tactical changes and want to apply a new budget of $50,000. Typical tactical changes may be:

  • Different distribution of budget across Campaigns or Ad Groups.
  • Different or new Ads and Ad messaging.
  • New Ad Groups to service more granular targeting.
  • Larger volume of Search Term discovery and analysis over time due to expanded reach.
  • Greater reporting demand.
  • New campaigns are billable Ad Hoc and not included in any monthly management.

In this case, the expected monthly workload will change, and this will be reflected in a fee change.