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Google Ads campaign build and management are core services at RankPower. We are a market leader in this field and have developed highly effective tactical methods to realise success for our clients.

We understand how to leverage the Google Ads platform to deliver key growth insights.

If you want the best possible return on investment for your marketing budget, Google Ads Search or Shopping Ads are a must.

Open a new Google Ads account with RankPower Ltd and we will connect you with a bonus account-opening offer from Google of $600 worth of free ad clicks. Terms apply. Contact us for details.

How we achieved 300% revenue growth for our client:

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With Google Ads you can:

Maximise leads and conversions.

Get better quality leads and enhance conversions.

Increase online sales.

Show up where shoppers are and increase site traffic and sales.

Drive in-store foot traffic.

Bring people through your doors and increase offline sales.

Show your brand to more people.

Put your brand out there to increase reach and engagement..

Search Ads

Help drive sales, leads or site traffic by getting your business in front of people who are actively searching Google for products or services you offer.

Search Ads often drive the best Return On Investment for non-eCommerce advertisers. They intercept users when intent to convert is greatest, and results ensure that your business can rapidly achieve cashflow and revenue objectives.

At RankPower, we usually recommend Search Ads as a starting pount for SEO work too, because the channel facilitates a rapid ‘test and prove’ capability for keywords before applying them to search engine optimisation for your website.


Shopping Ads

Show up when people are shopping with visually engaging product listings and let them know what you have in stock to drive more sales.

Perfect for eCommerce businesses to drive immediate revenue.

We specialise in tactical use of Shopping ads to identify Market Demand for your SKU range, your Market Share won, and your Growth Opportunity to win more market within a short timespan.

Display Ads

Build awareness and consideration with memorable, visually engaging ads that reach your audience when they’re online, checking Gmail or using mobile apps.

Display are ideal for building your Brand, or to get the word out about your products and services, with excellent reach and cost effectiveness.

We recommend AMPHTML ads, but can flight any Google approved *ad creative* in a variety of sizes. Responsive Display ads are also available for the budget conscious or when rapid turnaround is required.

* we are not a creative agency. Design creatives will need to be supplied or can be designed by our creative partner, Nero Motion.


Video Ads

Boost awareness of your brand, follow up with former ad viewers and reach potential customers while they’re watching or searching for videos on YouTube.

Video are ideal for building your Brand, or to get the word out about your products and services.

We can flight any Google approved *video ad creative* hosted in YouTube.

* we are not a creative agency. Video creatives will need to be supplied or can be designed by our creative partner, Nero Motion.

Advanced Performance Measurement

You may have stakeholders in organisation that have differing data requirements. We specialse in developing advanced measurement plans and then making them a reality. We combine this with customised reporting dashboards via Google Looker Studio for market leading insights.

RankPower exclusively uses Google Tag Manager to deploy advanced Google Ads performance measurement.

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Google Tag Manager

For advanced deployment of Google Ads Audience and Conversion tags.

Google Looker Studio

For market-leading Dashboards and Performance Insights Analysis.