How we Achieved 300% Growth for our Client

We’ve been able to deliver growth factors as high as 300% on top of what were already successful operations, not just startups. We did this by identifying performance insights that most marketers, even some experts and premium agencies, completely missed. And there’s no secret as to how either: We did it with Search Engine Marketing.

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Do you agree that competition online is fiercer than ever?

Frustratingly, even when people know your exact web address, the easiest thing for them to do is type in your business name in their browser and let the search engine take care of finding your website for them.

And search engines like Google will put Ads ahead of your website in search as often as they possibly can, even if you’re the prime organic search result at number 1. It’s how they make their money.

So, to get those clicks to your website, you’re increasingly stuck with a choice of paying and winning with Ads, or free and too often missing out with organic.

It’s little surprise that SEM with Google Search Ads is an inevitable choice.

SEM is now a crucial component of just about every business because the majority of user interactions on your website start with some kind of search. If you want to understand how and why your business should be using Google Ads to generate an immediate lift in sales or leads, let’s talk!

And even if your business already uses Google Ads successfully, we’re betting it’s not as effective as it could be.

Not sure that’s true?

We’re happy to meet the challenge with a free performance assessment of your existing Google Ads setup.