Conversion Optimization gets visitors to become customers

We help you identify exactly what you want people to do when they visit your website, then we create a plan on how to guide them to that goal.

With advanced Google Analytics measurement we identify and repair key areas of resistance where visitors are bouncing off your site, abandoning their visit, or simply getting lost.

An on-going site analysis is recommended, with check-in points to see how things are going, tweak areas that need adjusting, then have them retested.

RankPower offers a variety of conversion testing services which include:

A/B or A/B/n Tests

A/B tests, also known as A/B/n tests, let you test multiple versions of the same web page and find the one that works best for your users. In A/B/n testing, Variant A is the original and Variants B through n each contain at least one element that is different from the original. For example, Variant A may have a blue purchase button and Variant B may have a red purchase button. The results of this experiment will tell you which variant has performed the best.

Multivariate Tests

A multivariate test allows you to test two or more elements on a page to see which combination creates the best outcome for your site. By analyzing the interactions between the elements, we will help you find the best overall combination of elements on your page.

Redirect Tests

A redirect test, also commonly known as a split URL test, is a type of A/B test where you test separate web pages against each other. With redirect tests, the variants being tested are identified by the URL instead of the element on the page. This type of test is most useful when you want to test two very different landing pages or a complete redesign of a page.

For Conversion Optimization to be measurable, you will need thorough data measurement systems in place and will preferably have set up performance Goals in Google Analytics. We can assist with all data integrations and setup. View our Analytics Intelligence services here: