About RankPower

Built on proven digital marketing skills since 2004

RankPower an Search Engine Marketing agency based on both Auckland NZ and Florida USA. It’s backed with an extensive history in digital marketing since 2004. Our keen understanding and holistic view of marketing in the digital age combines with the superb talents of our web and analytics team.

We understand the needs of business managers and their desire to improve website performance for profitability and cost efficiency, so we’re blatantly honest and up-front about project costs and likely returns. We want our clients to be successful first and foremost.

Sean Norris

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sean has always had an interest in all things relating to the inner functions of a business enterprise.

After separating from the United States Air Force (USAF), he focused on his studies in both Technical Operation and Business Management with Embry-Riddle University. During his studies, he built an online retail export business from within the United States to reach the furthest places on the globe (including New Zealand). It’s here that the business relationship between the co-founders of RankPower grew into a lasting friendship.

After the great collapse of the US markets, he doubled down on education, and worked through a business graduate program. His focus on retaining clients through institutional process management was derived from military education and core understanding of business functions. This has proven to be very successful for Sean.

With this experience he naturally progressed to managing marketing platforms with business partners in startups throughout the United States. This experience crystallized the need for a company with an extensive understanding of the latest advances in marketing platforms, machine learning and fundamental best practices.

After a year of careful planning, RankPower LLC (USA) was born.

Perry Bernard

Founder, Chief Operations Officer / Technical Officer

Perry enjoys a lot about technology, but especially the concept of Artificial Intelligence. His journey into digital marketing started in 2002 when he returned to university to study linguistics for the purpose of applying it to AI.

At the same time as studying full time, Perry started an online importer-retail company.

By 2008 Perry’s business was dominating Google search for the brand of products he was retailing. He was gaining nationwide attention for being an aggressive and effective online marketer, but the Global Financial Crisis eventually forced a change of direction.

In following years, and after having left a role providing digital marketing advice to SMEs, he had established himself as a trusted source of advice for contemporary and advanced Google Search Engine Optimization techniques. His own websites on the topic reaching national and global rank positions.

Perry’s interest in AI and foundation in linguistic studies ideally position him to appreciate and understand the complexities of Google’s AI system and deliver search marketing insights to his clients that are above and beyond others in the market. He has helped many clients reach market-dominating positions in Google search.

He now brings his expertise into a broader market by establishing the RankPower brand in the USA.

Lori Reed

Client Relationship Specialist

Emma Campbell

Website Design

Greg Stoffels

Search Engine Optimization

Steve Vale

Google Ads Management

Alexa Steele

Content Development